End of Season Award Dinner

Saturday 6th June 2015
Bells Golf Club

Please download and send your completed forms with your menu choices to Amy Biddle or Lucy Aldridge by the 16th May.

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Notice of Annual General Meeting – 2015

This year the AGM will be held at

The Annexe in Lydney


Friday 24th April from 7pm

Please make every effort to attend and have a say in the running of your club.

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Ladies IIIs play to win the League

This Saturday 11th April sees the Ladies IIIs play their last game of the season. Equal on points with Pucklechurch in the Berkeley Division II, they need one point to finish as Champions.

Please come down to Forest Leisure at 10.30 to lend your support and make some noise !

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Summer League 2015

Message to all Lydney Ladies !

I’m happy to organise the Ladies entry into some sort of Summer League Competition this year, mainly for selfish reasons. If I stop playing during the summer, I’ll never be able to start again.

I’ll be looking into venues – maybe Thornbury again as it’s so convenient, or possibly Coombe Dingle or even Newent – open to any suggestions.

I’ll create a facebook group that you have to join if you’re interested. It will probably be a closed group so that I know who has joined but everyone will be able to see it. If you don’t do facebook, no problem, contact me direct.

In the past, the summer league has been a great opportunity to mix up all of the Ladies teams and to meet new players who may be keen to join us or return to hockey.

Please let me know if you’d like to help in any way.



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Season 2014 – 2015

The sea is still 17 degrees and the sun has been shining since the Arctic August Bank holiday but today is the first day of autumn so our thoughts turn immediately to paying our hockey subs.

Please make sure you get your cash to Amy Biddle by 30th September.

Adults pay £90, Youth £65 and Academy £32 per term.

Membership forms, Fixtures and Pitch Start times can be downloaded from the downloads section to the right of this post.

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Badger Baiting

Lydney 2nds 1 – Badgers 1

11th Jan 2014

Lydney: D. Legg, K. Alexander, J. Box, A. Bannister, E. Matthews, G. Cox, J. Samuel, M. Royle, E. Richards, K. Macakill, L. Black, S. Mitchell (Captain)

This friendly friendly was a much needed opportunity to dust off the Christmas cobwebs and run off a few mincepies. After Sarah’s Magical Mystery Tour of Gloucester’s hockey pitches (including the happy discovery of a Fun Factory) there was little time left for a warm-up but the team started the game with a positive attitude.

Unfortunately the Oxstalls pitch turned out to be 50% astro turf and 50% ice rink resulting in a few bruised bottoms. However, Lydney persevered and drew blood first with a neat goal by Grace Cox that was cooly worked round the keeper with the assistance of her teammates in and around the ‘D’ (but not before the ball had come up an opposition stick and contentiously bounced off her shoulder though).

Fast on the break and dangerous when they got loose, Badgers retaliated, capitalising on a moment of indecision at the last minute by Lydney keeper, Karen Alexander,  resulting in an equalising goal.

Both teams fought on hard to scrape a win but neither were successful. Jess was heartly wiped-out at one point but continued to play well earning her Man of the Match by a sweeping number of votes.

Things of Note:

  • Number of pitches visited: 2
  • Number of Lydney players who landed on their backside: 3 (Meg of course, Liz and Jess)
  • Variety of economy versions of well-known chocolate snacks provided in the ‘picnic-style’ teas: 3 (See below. Can you guess what they are?)




Picnic anyone? :0)


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“No Fecker Scored” – Karen Alexander

Lydney 2nds 0 – Wotton-under-Edge 2

30th Nov 2013

Lydney: D. Legg, K. Alexander, J. Box, A. Bannister, E. Matthews, G. Cox, R. Lugg, A. Farr, J. Samuel, M. Royle, A. van den Braak, S. Mitchell (Captain)

This was a strange and frustrating game on a bobbly new pitch against top of the table, Wooton. Lydney were expecting a tough game so were surprised to find themselves the stronger team in the first half, dominating a lot of the play. Pressure by the midfields and forwards got the ball to the ‘D’ and struck, but it was left by the goalie to pass over the goal line as she hasn’t seen that the last touch on it had been a defensive one by one of her team mates. Unfortunately the umpire didn’t see it either (as under the new rules this would have been an own goal).

Umpires can’t be expected to see everything though, just as every player can’t, and there are always occasions when this works for you instead of against you. As a team, I think that Lydney did well to put this behind them and play on, which they did, dictating a lot of the play.

However, when the opposition gained possession they switched a lot making marking hard and as a result they were able to make a few dangerous breaks resulting in a goal before half time. Lydney were forced to defend a handful of shorts throughout the game, with few of their own. When they regained possession they found that they were well marked and hitting ‘through’ opposition players proved to be unsuccessful.

Wotton were organised and knew where to position themselves on the pitch. They took hits and sideline balls straight away which made them fast on the attack and they kept one forward very high. This paid off for them in the second half as she was well placed for a deflection that brought the score to 2-0.

Lydney were unable to play the neat, passing game that has worked well for them in previous matches and the opposition were good at picking up loose balls and charging passes down fast. At one point the ball hit an opposition foot in the ‘D’ but sadly no short was given. There may have been a reason for this but the players close to the action couldn’t see it.

So all-in-all a frustrating game, but one where I feel that useful things were learned about the opposition. The post-Christmas rematch will be Lydney II’s last league game of the season and one that I think they will be ready and hungry for.

Things of Note:

  • Jane’s shouting – plenty of this…but it didn’t do her MoM votes any harm as she came out on top, even when her vote for herself was rescinded after an Official Warning (with use of badge) from Sergeant Slugg).
  • Grace trying to pass off her mid-game collagen lip filler as the result of a ball to the face. Grace, we’re not buying it. We’re especially not buying it if the results are that bad – all in the middle of the lips with none at the edges. Rubbish. Respect to the pub though for their ability to recognise a comic opportunity when it ups and smacks them in the face by produce these crisps (even if they did have to run to the cellar to get them):



  • Several men (and going on the stats, several women too) in the greater Gloucestershire area were denied the treat of Karen’s unrestrained (and now quite famous) ‘mammary assets’ as having forgotten to pack a clean bra opted to re-wear her one from the game. I can still hear the echo of sorrowful howls reverberating around building sites in the county.
  • The opposition were substantially more pleasant (can we say that?) than the team they are sharing the top spot with, despite putting us in the men’s changing room! (Actually not that bad – thanks Bridget for the heads-up).

Thank you as well to Dave Penney for umpiring.

…and to Laura Mahon for supporting us in spirit (as I’m sure that she was) if not actually in body this time.

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