Commitee Meeting – 30th August 2011


Date & Time: 30th August 2011 at 7 pm
Location: Whitecross Leisure Centre (various venues!)
Present: Gavin, Jan, Amy, Emma, Andy, Rachael, Sam, Annie, Bish, Chris, Rob, David
Apologies: Sara and Kate (both work commitments)
Not Present: Lucy. No apologies were received.


1. Past Meeting Minutes Approval – Meeting Dated 26th June 2011.

The minutes were approved without amendment.


2. Items from Past Meeting Minutes

a. The job description for the Youth Development Officer needs to be redrafted to reflect current circumstances.

b. Rob has agreed to take on the management of the Badgers; Annie will take the Treasurer’s role and Chris will act as Men’s Fixture Secretary.

c. There is a possibility that Megan Binns will accept the post as Vixen’s captain.

d. The position over CRB checks is still a matter of concern.

e. The Whitecross pitches have been booked for winter training.

f. Andy has handed to Sara the task of completing the chart to show which Club members attend JAC/JDC.

g. Andy booked the pitches for summer training at Chepstow.

h. David has sent a list of umpires to Kate.

i. Captains have yet to recruit potential umpires.

3. Correspondence

a. An application form has been received for a “Time to Listen” workshop.

b. Two emails from HGWHUA asking for details of Club contacts.

4. Meeting Minutes

a) Treasurer’s report

1. Annie reported that she had had a thorough handover from Cath but that the accounts had not been audited at that point. The committee was happy to accept the situation.

2. While “finding her feet”, Annie was concerned that there is a large amount of expenditure needed for the season – affiliation, insurance, etc – before any income is received. She was mandated to use the monies in the Building Society account to cover this expenditure and was asked to consolidate the two building society accounts into one.

3. The procedure for the collection and banking by captains of match fees was discussed. It was decided that captains would use Internet banking. Following banking of the amount together with a reference (such as “Ladies 2nd team, September 17th 2011”), they would email Annie to advise of the amount. Captains are to keep a list of weekly debtors and to chase them up for payment, with a copy to Annie as a central record. Where such banking is not a possibility, cash with payment slips are to be used and forwarded to Annie.

b) Fixtures update

Jan reported that the Ladies’ fixtures have all been confirmed although some away start times are yet to be notified to her. The County Tournament is confirmed as 4th September at Dean Close. Two teams have been entered.

Gavin has arranged friendly matches for the Men with Penarth and Leominster; times have yet to be confirmed as suitable. On the 17th September, the 1st team will play the 2nd team at 3pm.

c) Umpiring contingency measures

HGWHUA has informed Clubs that they are unlikely to be able to appoint officials for all matches this year. It was agreed that Chris would inform Kate as early as possible when this applied to the Club.

d) Coaching matters.

Because of family and work commitments, Sam has reluctantly had to step down from the post of Coaching Officer and has let Kate know. The following allocations of coaches were thought to be in place for the season, subject to confirmation with Kate:

L1 – Kate is looking towards Universities to fill the role.

L2 – Jeremy (subject to satisfactory CRB check)

L3 – Kate

L4/Vixens – James and Matt

M1 & 2 – Bish, Luke, Gavin, Steve

Badgers – Sam

e) Social report

Subject to talking with the owners of The Cross, Amy felt it sensible to hold an event every 6 to 7 weeks.

f) Club Day.

FoD DC would like to have a grand opening with show matches on 18/09/11. It was agreed to move Club day from 11th to the 18th to help. It was, however, thought that the time should remain as a Club event, starting at midday and finishing at 4pm, without asking others to come to play show matches.

g) Update on pitch.

Andy reported that the pitch replacement is on target; we will be able to train and play matches as from 5/9/11. However, the new goals will not arrive until the following week. We will have dugouts.

h) Umpiring.

Kate needs to know everyone’s availability. David will email umpires to ask them to reply asap.

As mentioned before, there is an urgent need for members to train as umpires, particularly the ladies, otherwise many Club games will not have umpires.

i) Clubsfirst Update.

Jane Cornelius has taken over the role of EH Clubsfirst representative and is to meet with Andy on 1/9/11. In spite of repeated requests, there is still no coaching plan or ideas for a five year development plan in spite of repeated requests for help from Andy.

j) Dates for future meetings

All meetings will be on Monday nights at 7pm at the LC. They are scheduled for:

3rd October,

5th December,

30th January, and

26th March.

5. Additional Business

a) It is not known whether or not the lighting is to be improved as part of the pitch revamp. Andy will find out. David had attended an “Inspired Facilities” workshop that might prove a source of revenue for this project, if needed.

b) In the event of a match cancellation, captains have the responsibility of letting The Cross know as soon as possible. David is to get a list of fixtures to The Cross; Amy and Andy are to find out what the owners would like from us in addition.

c) Olympic Update: The Club has 22 tickets for the evening session on 1/8/12 at the Olympic Park, 12 at Price Band D and 10 at Price band C. The cost overall is £610, which currently has been met by David; the best method of deciding who will receive these tickets will be an agenda item in October.

d) The need for a 3rd team captain was discussed; Sam and Andy are to discuss possibilities further.

There being no other business, the meeting ended at 8.50 pm.

5. Next Scheduled Meeting

Date: Monday 3rd October

Time: 7pm

Location: Whitecross LC

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